Here’s What To Do When You Encounter A Dental Emergency

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Dental Emergency, Oral Health

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A dental emergency can be very frightening, and they often happen when you least expect them. If ever you are faced with dental emergencies, it is essential to know what to do before calling your dentist. InThisog post will discuss some of the most common dental emergencies and handle them. Don’t panic, and just follow these steps!

The five most common dental emergencies

Here are the list of dental emergencies and the necessary steps you can take when you encounter one. 

1. What should I do when I have a toothache?

If the pain is manageable, you can apply a cold compress to the affected cheek for first-aid treatment. When in pain, avoid taking painkillers as much as possible since they can burn the tissues of the gums. When the pain continues to persist, schedule an appointment with your dentist. 

2. What would I do if I cracked my tooth?

Usually, a cracked tooth happens when you accidentally bite something hard. If you break, crack, or chip a tooth,  you need to collect the pieces to show your dentist. Even though they cannot reattach it, they can determine whether it is enamel or a filling. A cracked tooth may bleed. Placing a gauze over the affected tooth will help stop the bleeding. In addition, you also need to rinse your mouth with salt water to prevent infection. Apply a cold compress to your cheeks if you are experiencing swelling. 

3. What if I accidentally knock out my teeth?

If your tooth falls out from an impact, you can do the following before you visit the dentist :

  • Do not touch the tooth by the root since fibres are crucial for healing. Handle the tooth by its crown. 
  • Rinse the tooth with water and do not scrub it. 
  • Soak the tooth in a small container of milk to make it moist as you wait for your dental appointment. 
  • Visit your dentist immediately. 

4. How do I remove an object stuck in my teeth?

    When removing something from your teeth, avoid using a sharp object because it will cause your gums to bleed. Remove the thing using dental floss. Should the object remain lodged, consult your dentist. 

    5. What to do if my braces wires break?

    If you have a wire that is bothering you, here are the necessary steps you can try :

    • Gently tuck the wire into a more comfortable position using a clean pencil eraser. 
    • Contact your dentist as soon as possible. 

    Schedule a visit

    Although prevention of dental emergencies seems impossible, there are many ways to handle them. The key here is not to panic. Schedule a visit with your London dentist today. With the proper preventive care and maintenance techniques, you can eliminate most of your dental problems before they happen. 

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