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Cavities appear as tiny holes on your teeth that have been damaged by decay. Unfortunately, it is common to see kids with cavities, as they can be forgetful about dental hygiene and/or tend to enjoy sweet foods, which are acidic. We can treat this dental issue with:

  • Preventative fluoride treatments
  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extractions

Fluoride treatments

Fluoride treatments help in restoring your teeth enamel that has been damaged by cavities. This is possible by ingesting more fluoride or applying it directly on your teeth. A professional treatment gives you more amount of fluoride than how much you get from toothpaste or mouth rinses.


Your London dentist may also apply fillings on the decayed tooth. Filling materials are made of composite or amalgam. Composite materials are good for use for front teeth as they’re tooth-colored and durable. Amalgam fillings are strong and are best used to restore molars.


If the cavities have become severe and most of the tooth structure has been damaged, dental crowns are more advisable. These are tooth caps that are customized to fit on your prepared tooth. They’re durable and aesthetically pleasing making it a great dental restorative option.   

Root canal

There are times when decay reaches the inner part of the tooth and infect the tooth pulps. This is a serious dental problem that may cause dental pain and risk of infection to the neighboring teeth. Your London dentist will perform a root canal procedure to remove the disease and seal the tooth for protection.

Tooth extraction

The last option for teeth that have been severely affected by decay is to remove it. It has either lost most of its structure or is developing an infection that poses a risk to the patient’s dental health.  

Don’t let that simple plaque and tartar buildup lead to your tooth’s removal. See to it that you regularly meet our dentist for a comprehensive dental check up and cleaning.

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