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Dental veneers or dental laminates are thin tooth shells that are used to cover teeth imperfections such as discoloration and chips. Aside from that, it also conceals too much gum exposure which results in gummy smiles and small teeth. The great thing about teeth laminates is that they appear ideally healthy and bright making its user look more radiant.

There are various materials used for teeth veneers. The London dentist commonly recommends the porcelain and composite materials due to their durability and appearance. Both materials mimics the natural color of a tooth and even its shape. However, porcelain veneers are more resistant to food stains and are easily maintained.

Dental veneers application process

Another amazing quality of dental veneers is the fact that it preserves most of the tooth structure. This makes this option one of the most efficient among all cosmetic dentistry treatments. Some dental procedures require the teeth to be reshaped in great amounts. On the other hand, applying veneers is almost “prepless” or doesn’t need major contouring on the tooth.

Prior to applying the teeth laminates, your London dentist will clean your teeth and then choose the material’s shade. He could directly do that since anesthetic is no longer needed although he might file a tiny portion of the enamel. After that, he will take your teeth impression and send the information to the dental laboratory where your dental veneers will be customized. You will wear temporary veneers until the permanent one is done. That could take a few weeks until your return to your dentist.

Upon your return, the temporary laminates are removed and then the teeth are rinsed with water and pumice. The bonding agent is applied next then the cement and finally, he places the permanent veneers.

A stunning smile is now achievable with the help of your London dentist. You could try this modern technique in smile enhancement so book your appointment with us now.

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