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Gum Reduction

Gum reduction treatment (also known as gum contouring or reshaping) is an effective, usually cosmetic, procedure for patients with too much gum exposure. The considerably simple treatment helps patients who have a “gummy” smile reduce the amount of their gums that show when they are eating, talking, and smiling. 

Although we typically perform this procedure to improve a patient’s appearance, gum reduction treatment may otherwise be necessary for those who may require crown restorations and lengthening. At Wortley Road Dental, we will recommend the treatment to you if we believe you need it, but you may inquire at any time if you feel you could benefit from gum reduction.

The gum reduction treatment process

With the latest dental technology, it is a safe and relatively quick process for your dentist to contour your gums to enhance your smile. To exemplify this, we like to emphasize that it can usually be completed within a single hour-long appointment. Gum reduction treatment is also functional because it can provide more room for dental appliances like crowns and veneers. 

Before moving forward with the procedure, however, you will need to meet with your dentist so he or she can explain how it can help in your unique situation and what we will remove from your mouth. We will also ensure your physical comfort with the help of anesthetics. Our dentists use skillful precision to cut the gum lines, and only remove underlying bones when it is absolutely necessary. 

If you believe you or a loved one could benefit from gum reduction treatment, either for cosmetic reasons or out of necessity, please contact our dental clinic to book an appointment. We will be happy to discuss this with you further when you visit us for a consultation. Our Wortley Road Dental team, including knowledgeable dentists and friendly staff, is looking forward to meeting with you!

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