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Gum Reduction

Gum reduction is a dental procedure that’s usually done for cosmetic purposes. Patients with too much gum exposure find this technique effective in improving their smiles. Especially with the latest dental technology, it’s quick and comfortable to contour the gums for enhancement. 

Moreover, aside from aesthetics, this method is also applicable for functionality. Some tooth appliances like crowns and veneers will need room to position the material. Your London dentist can help you decide if this procedure is suitable for your dental needs. Here’s what you may expect during the treatment. 

The process in reducing gums is also called as gum contouring or reshaping. Usually, the procedure is completed in a single appointment within an hour. Nevertheless, you will have an initial appointment with your dentist to find out how the treatment could help your dental issue. 

Before the gum reduction treatment, your dentist ensures that you will be comfortable with the help of anesthetics. After that, he begins to trace on your gums to indicate the only parts that will be removed. Using our laser dental tools, the gums are cut up to the lines where the marks are created. When necessary, the underlying bones in those tissues might also be removed by your London dentist

The precision brought by our modern tools can guarantee the safety and speed of the treatment. Traditionally, the scalpel causes a messy operation and profuse bleeding. It’s a lot of processes to consider and may also result in a slow recovery period. Laser gum reduction cauterizes the tissues, thus, less bleeding and faster healing. Patients also noticed that there’s no discomfort after the operation while the conventional methods may still cause pain.

Everything is possible now with the help of the latest technology. Our London dentist is a skillful professional who is knowledgeable about these techniques. Call up our office now and be in our next appointment.

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