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Thumb Sucking and Snoring Appliances

Our dentists pay a great deal of attention to our patients’ teeth and gums but are actually concerned with your entire oral health. Children who suck their thumbs or other fingers may, unfortunately, impair the development of their teeth if the behaviour lasts too long.

Similarly, adults who snore may suffer from a serious disruption in their sleep, impacting their overall health. Wortley Road Dental offers both thumb-sucking appliances and snoring appliances to help patients experiencing either of these problems.  

Thumb-Sucking Appliances

Thumb-sucking devices can help deter the destructive habit of thumb-sucking, often within only six to eight months. For those who feel this is longer than anticipated, have patience. Thumb-sucking, if left undisrupted for a child past the age of four or five years old, can lead to many negative impacts on teeth and even jaw development. 

Physically, thumb-sucking often constricts the upper arch in the mouth, which causes upper teeth to flare out and lower teeth to tip back. These devices can actually also help children avoid needing more serious orthodontics, such as braces. If you or your child decide to take this route, there are two primary options:

  • Removable Appliances: Although it is obviously more comfortable and desirable to have a device that your child can remove, clean, and make it easier to clean their teeth, this means that he or she must be enthusiastic about no longer sucking his/her thumb. 
  • Fixed Appliances: For children less eager to stop thumb-sucking, the fixed placement of these appliances and the inability to remove them means they will inevitably be effective. The downside is, it will be more challenging to talk, eat, and practice good oral hygiene.

If your child sucks his or her thumb, and you are concerned about the development of their teeth, email or call our London dental office to book a consultation. 

Snoring Appliances 

Snoring is caused by a constriction of your oropharynx at the back of your throat during sleep. Particularly when dreaming, the muscles that keep your airway open relax and can lead to your soft tissues vibrating. Sleep apnea is a more severe disorder that involves snoring, pauses in breathing and will often lead to fatigue during the day (because the quality of sleep is affected). Patients often wake up gasping for breath or loudly snorting. 

Snoring appliances help to bring your jaw forward and widen your airway at the back of your mouth to reduce the vibration in your soft tissues that lead to snoring. The dentists at our London dental office may also recommend a CPAP machine if you have sleep apnea. 

To learn more about how these devices can help you, please contact us, and we will be happy to speak with you.

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