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Snoring is a health condition that causes disruptive sleep not just to you but as well as the people you live with. The cause of sleep disruption comes from the resonating or vibrating sound that comes from you while you’re in dreamland. Fortunately, you’re not alone as this could happen to anyone and it’s quite common.


This condition occurs when your air passage through the nose and mouth is blocked. Your London dentist finds these factors to affect your regular airflow:

Thick throat

A bulky throat tissue could restrain the flow of the air and may create the resonating sounds that snoring produces. Some patients were advised to lose some weight as built physique also makes your throat thicker.  

Poor tongue and throat muscle tone

Muscle tone is important on the tongue and throat to keep them firm while you rest. However, for some, muscle tone is weak on those tissues making them fall back into the air passage. According to the London dentist, patients who are taking sleeping pills, consuming alcohol, and aging would most likely fall in this category.

Blocked nasal airway

One reason for an obstructed nasal airway is a sinus infection. This mostly happens during “allergy seasons” and might go away when the weather changes. Moreover, patients with nasal deformities would also develop snoring.

Long uvula

The uvula is the tissue that you see dangling at the back of your mouth. If it’s too long or thicker, it may narrow the airway passage and also lead to the vibrating sound.

When these circumstances occur regularly, you need to reduce your nightly snores with oral appliances that would help you position your tongue, throat, and jaw for better air passage. There are other treatment options that may suit your specific dental needs. Talk with our London dentist now so you may finally find that peaceful sleep.

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