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Tooth extractions are one of the most common dental procedures that most patients avoid. Due to the association of discomfort, some patients may choose to endure the issue and later on complain about complications. In dentistry, the aim is not to remove the tooth, but remove the infection that’s causing your pain and distress. However, there are circumstances that lead to the need for a tooth removal.

According to the London dentist, the common causes of tooth extraction are teeth crowding, infection and its risks, and severe damage. Crowded teeth may result in easy decay since most of the spaces are too narrow to reach by brushing or flossing. It may also lead to misalignment problems resulting to speech deficiency and eating problems.

If the teeth have been severely infected and can no longer be saved, tooth extractions become necessary. Otherwise, the infection will cause serious dental pain and the risk of contaminating the neighboring teeth.

Damaged teeth caused by decay or physical trauma could sometimes be quite severe that regular restorations are no longer effective. Your London dentist may recommend for the tooth to be removed especially if most of its structure is gone. Fortunately, we have plenty of teeth replacement options to restore your smile.

Tooth extraction procedure

You don’t have to worry about tooth extractions. It’s completely safe and is now painless with the advantages of our latest dental technology. We also offer conscious sedation for patients who are too anxious to even sit on the dental chair. Plus, our London dentist is very friendly and approachable that you won’t realize that you’re in for a dental appointment. Being in our clinic makes you feel so comfortable it’ll feel like getting help from a friend.

When you’re already comfortable, your dentist will take a firm grip on the affected tooth then gently pull it out of its socket. If your tooth is troubling you, you could schedule an appointment with us so we could help you get rid of that discomfort for good.

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