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TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disorders or TMJ disorders occur specifically along the surrounding areas of the joint that connects your jaw to the skull. If you’re experiencing difficulties or discomfort in moving them while you talk or chew, you probably have a TMJ disorder. There are various reasons why this problem occurs. Some patients may have formed a habit of clenching their jaws, usually when under stress.

TMJ treatment and medications

The dentist in London shares that some symptoms of TMJ disorder may go away without treatment. Especially if the patient has managed the cause of the problem, such as teeth grinding or clenching. However, if the signs are recurring or simply lingers, you need to see your dentist immediately. He may prescribe medications such as pain relievers and muscle relaxants to ease your discomfort.

On the other hand, there are therapies that may solve your temporomandibular joint disorders. These include:

Occlusal appliances

Mouthguards and splints are examples of occlusal appliances that are actually helpful to prevent teeth damage due to grinding. Some patients found relief in using this device. Mouthguards and splints are soft but firm plastic materials that patients wear over their teeth. This greatly reduces the forces of the teeth and jaw contact.

Physical therapy

Our dentist in London would also suggest that you do jaw exercises by moving them in slow and steady up and down motions repeatedly. There may be specific motions and pace that you need to follow so you will really need the guidance of your dentist. Carelessly stretching and moving your jaws inappropriately might just worsen the condition.

Management counseling

Just like kids counseling on thumb sucking habits, you may also receive counseling about your own habits leading to your temporomandibular joint disorders. It would be great to understand why some mannerisms like teeth clenching, nail biting, and the like need to be managed.

Free yourself from enduring this kind of stress and discomfort. Ask your dentist in London how you could take better care of your oral health.

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