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Full Mouth Restoration

full mouth restoration by Wortley Road Dental

This special dental procedure refers to treatment and improvement of your entire set of teeth. Generally, you may suffer from severely damaged teeth due to decay, normal wear, or an accident. We recommend this treatment to patients with a congenital dental condition. Some conditions result in teeth misalignment and serious malocclusion issues that make it difficult to speak and eat. The following dental treatments may be involved in a full mouth restoration:

  • Onlays – These indirect fillings are placed on top of a broken or damaged tooth; they are necessary when regular fillings cannot cover the tooth fracture and seal it properly
  • Bridges – Bridges help if you have missing teeth; this dental appliance literally “bridges” the replacement tooth and crowns for durable support 
  • Veneers – These thin tooth laminates cover your tooth surface from imperfections, including discoloration, breaks, chips, cracks, and even small teeth
  • Implants – Some patients with lost teeth begin to experience deterioration of their gums and bones, which implants help prevent; they also provide a solid foundation for teeth and are considered the best alternative for replacement as they mimic natural teeth in function and appearance
  • Crowns – Implants are placed with crowns, which are durable tooth caps that appear like real teeth due to their colour and shape; they help restore both function and appearance 

It is very important at any age to practice good oral hygiene to help maintain your oral health. At Wortley Road Dental, we encourage our patients to also visit us for regular bi-annual appointments so we can conduct a thorough examination. 

Despite your best efforts, you may miss cleaning some areas of your teeth, mouth and gums, which can lead to dental issues. Unfortunately, some dental issues may also be hereditary. To take proactive measures and help protect yourself against oral diseases, contact us today. 

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