Sports Guards

Sports mouth guards are dental devices that are used to protect the mouth and teeth from possible trauma. It’s a vital athletic equipment gear as most injuries from sports go towards the face and head. Usually, basketball, rugby, hockey, and even gymnastics require this protective device because of the physical contact involved.  

Our dentist in London centre explains that mouthguards typically are used over the upper teeth to avoid lesions on the cheeks and lips and as well as damages on the teeth. If you’re wearing teeth appliances like braces or veneers, you have to wear this device during physical activities since you can’t remove them. The sports mouth guards will protect both your teeth and its appliances from severe damages.

Types of sports mouth guards

Mouthguards can be bought over-the-counter or customized by your dentist. Those that are easily available at sports shops have a general size for all and is a bit bulky and hard. Although it’s durable and could resist forces, it’s less likely going to provide any comfort for the user more than giving protection.

Fortunately, you may have a custom-made mouth guard from your dentist in London centre. Prior to creating these devices, your dentist will take your teeth impression then send that model to the dental lab. With this procedure, you could have a guarantee of comfort and security. Since custom-made sports mouth guards are made after your exact teeth structure, it’s your perfect fit. They could also be manually designed to adjust the proper thickness and resistance.

Kids and adults could take advantage of this dental device. Furthermore, everyone should have the chance to protect themselves while enjoying the activities they love doing. See your dentist in London centre for a professional advice in keeping your teeth safe and healthy along with your adventures.  

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