Cosmetic Dental Services

Cosmetic dental services are performed by a dentist to help patients achieve better facial appearance. Although these procedures are mainly done for aesthetics, it actually provides functionality as well. Some of these services include: 

Dental bonding

Patients who have broken or small teeth no longer have to worry about their looks. Dental bonding is an easy process to restore their teeth function and appearance. Our dentist in London Centre uses a resin material over the tooth and form it as desired. Once he’s satisfied, he bonds the material permanently using a curing light. This process offers long-lasting results especially with great oral care habits. 

Gum reduction

Gum reduction is also a part of cosmetic dental services. The treatment actually helps patients with gummy smile reduce the exposure of the gums when they open their mouth. Although patients aim to improve their appearance, this is also a necessary treatment for those who need crown restorations. 

Inlays and onlays

When fillings aren’t enough for a dental restoration, inlays and onlays are the answers. The dentist in London Centre also calls this an indirect filling since the materials are made outside the mouth. They are premade in one piece after the mold of the patient’s tooth. Once the tooth is ready, the dentist just applies this filling type on the tooth and cement it permanently in place. 

Teeth whitening

Another way for patients to enhance their appearance is through teeth whitening. It’s one of the cosmetic dental services that are popular and in demand due to its effectiveness and instant results. Dentists will use laser technology on the teeth to easily break up stain particles. This process will dramatically brighten your teeth in less than an hour. 


Some teeth need more than one solution to treat their issues. However, the dentist in London Centre has a single answer for this dilemma. He recommends veneers if the teeth are stained, malformed, and broken. These ideal tooth shells could easily conceal these teeth imperfection in just a matter of time. 

Head on now to our dental clinic and experience a beauty transformation you truly deserve with our revolutionary dental methods.

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