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Cosmetic Dental Services

cosmetic dental services by Wortley Road Dental

Our dentists perform cosmetic dental services to help improve your smile or the appearance of your teeth. Although these procedures are primarily conducted for aesthetic purposes, they also provide functionality. 


Dental bridges are like literal “bridges” that eliminate a gap made by a missing tooth. Usually, they consist of a false tooth attached with dental crowns at its sides for support, yet they have a natural look that matches the rest of your teeth.  Have your dentist evaluate your smile and check if this treatment works for you.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is an easy process to restore the function and appearance of teeth. At Wortley Road, we form a resin material over the tooth before bonding it permanently using a curing light. This process offers long-lasting results—especially if you have great oral care habits. 

Gum reduction

Gum reduction treatment helps patients with a “gummy” smile reduce exposure of their gums when eating or smiling. Although we perform this  to improve appearance, it is also necessary for patients who require crown restorations and lengthening. 

Inlays and onlays

When fillings aren’t enough, inlays and onlays may be created from the mold of your tooth. Once ready, our dentists will apply it and cement it permanently in place. We tend to think of this as an “indirect filling”.

Teeth whitening

When looking for a way to enhance your appearance, teeth whitening is an extremely popular and effective cosmetic dental service. Our dentists can break up stain particles to dramatically brighten teeth in just under an hour. 


Sometimes, your teeth may require more than one solution. If teeth are stained, malformed, or broken, veneers can easily conceal imperfections. We help give you the transformation you truly deserve.

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