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Headaches are a common health concern with many possible causes. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to determine why they are happening for this reason. Since they can derive from more than just one health condition, it is helpful to have a professional consultation with your dentist. By conducting a special dental exam, Wortley Road Dental offers help for patients who are troubled by consistent headaches. 

One of the possible causes of headaches is related to oral health issues, which may stem from your mouth or jaw, such as  temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. TMJ disorder occurs when the joints that connect your jaw to the skull create pain. The more you chew food or grind your teeth, the more pressure you put on your jaw bone and muscles. In some cases, the discomfort can travel to the skull and trigger a mild migraine. 

Another cause of TMJ disorder is unintentionally clenching or grinding your teeth while you are sleeping. Learning to manage stress may help you as this can cause damaging behaviour like grinding and clenching to develop, even if it is on an unconscious level. Although you may be confused as to which one caused the other, the most noteworthy factor is the ongoing and incessant pain you are experiencing that is likely impacting your daily life.

If you are uncertain about the cause of your headaches, or even if you think you have discovered the reason, we encourage you to consult your dentist for a special assessment and treatment options. There are various approaches you can take to help ease the pain of your headaches and hopefully live more comfortably. 

Contact our team at Wortley Road Dental today to schedule an appointment. Call or email us to book a convenient time and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss this matter further.

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