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Headaches are common health signs that have many causes. No one can be certain where the trigger comes from unless experts will help you locate the source. Whatever the cause may be only one thing is for sure, you would want the distress to stop. 

We offer help for patients who are troubled with this condition through a special dental examination. Our London dentist explains that one of the causes of headache is related to oral issues. This may have been rooted from within your mouth or jaw. Having said this, there’s a possibility that your headaches started from temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorder. 

The TMJ disorder is a condition where the joints that connect your jaw to the skull creates pain. This is a normal occurrence since that region never stops to function unless you rest. The more you munch on food or grind your teeth, there’s more pressure on your jaw bone and muscles. Your London dentist confirms that sometimes the discomfort that it causes could travel to the skull triggering a mild migraine.

Some patients are unconscious when they clench their teeth such as in a condition called bruxism. That’s when patients tend to grind their teeth forcibly although they’re sleeping. Hence, not knowing in the morning after that they did the cause of their headaches.   

Learning to manage your stress levels can help you in a long way. Your London dentist will help you on that process with effective and professional techniques. Relieve yourself from any discomfort and see your specialist as soon as you can.  

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