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Tooth Desensitization

Tooth desensitization is one method to alleviate the discomfort from sensitive teeth. This procedure is done professionally by our dentists to help you with fast relief. Other than this, there are other methods to treat tooth sensitivity. If you have one, it’s also advisable to know what triggers or causes this condition. 

Causes of tooth sensitivity 

  • According to our London dentist, most patients who brush too hard or have the habit to grind their teeth easily wear down their bites. When this happens, the enamel will be breached and exposed to hot and cold temperature causing the sensitivity. 
  • Another factor that needs tooth desensitization is gum recession. When your gums start to pull away from your teeth, they create an opening to the inner part of your teeth. If that occurs, your tooth roots will be infected and will need desensitization.
  • Fractures on the teeth like breaks, chips, and cracks will also lead to sensitivity because of root exposure. 
  • Your London dentist also reminds patients that sensitivity happens after a dental restoration like crowns and teeth bleaching. Although it goes away after a few days, call your dentist if it persists. 

Tooth desensitization treatment 

Your treatment will depend on the severity or case of your dental discomfort. Nevertheless, here’s what our dentist can recommend: 

Desensitizing toothpaste. This product is available over-the-counter, however, only your dentist could tell you what brand best suits you. Tooth desensitization using this kind of toothpaste blocks the pain receptors that are associated with sensitivity. 

Fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps in strengthening your teeth enamel and protect your teeth’s inner chamber. It also reduces the sensitivity once the tooth restores its structure. 

There are more techniques our London dentist may perform to ease the discomfort your experience from tooth sensitivity. Get in touch with our staff now and book for an appointment

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