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Our team offers reliable dental appliances that can help you manage your dental issues. Although most of these are now available over the counter, getting them custom made by your dentist provides better assurance and warranty. If you are diagnosed with an oral disorder, you may find the following options helpful.

Sports guards

We may recommend sports guards to our athletic patients for protection—especially if you are playing sports with physical contact. It is easy for a dental mishap to affect your mouth and teeth. Sports guards are designed with special plastic material to reduce impact or damage. 

Night guards

Physical activity is not the only reason to obtain a dental product. Bruxism is a known condition where patients grind or clench their teeth, which may lead to enamel wear and possible sensitivity. Since clenching and grinding usually occur at night, you may be unaware you are even doing it. Night guards help manage these issues and prevent tooth fractures. 

Sleep apnea treatment

Many patients experience sleep disrupted by long gaps in breathing, which can have serious health implications. To help manage this condition, we may recommend a sleep apnea machine that will help you breathe properly while you sleep.  

Snoring appliances

Snoring is a common sleeping disorder—especially if you have a heavier build and are regularly tired. The noise may result in sleep disruptions to your family members, as well as negatively impact the quality of your sleep. Dental products specifically designed to offset snoring are effective in managing both.  

Thumb sucking management

Many children who suck their thumbs will continue even as they get older, which may lead to underlying dental issues. We can help you select the best device in managing this habit, minimizing the behaviour, and preventing future dental problems.

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