We offer dental products to provide you with reliable appliances that could help you manage your oral issues. Although most of these are now available over-the-counter, it’s best to get them from your dentist. This gives assurance and warranty when you use it. If you’re diagnosed with such oral disorders, you might find these products helpful as relief and treatment. 

Sports guards

Your London dentist might recommend you use sports guards especially if you’re playing sports with physical contact. It’s easy for dental mishap to affect your mouth and teeth when there’s no protection on it. Sports guards are made of special plastic material designed to reduce the impact that blows on your face. This way, your teeth and mouth are safe from damage.

Night guards

Having an active lifestyle is not the only factor for you to avail our dental products. Bruxism is a known dental condition where patients tend to harm their teeth by grinding them. Teeth clenching usually occurs at night so the patient is unaware. Night guards will manage the teeth grinding and prevent teeth fracture. 

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition where a patient’s sleep is disrupted by long pauses in breathing. This is a serious occurrence that indicates someone’s health issue. To manage this, there are sleep apnea machines that your London dentist may recommend to help you breathe properly while you sleep.  

Snoring appliances

Snoring is a common sleeping disorder especially if the patient has a heavy built and is always exhausted. This results in sleep disruption to family members due to the noise it resonates. It also causes the patient to wake up with discomfort on his affected facial areas. Snoring dental products are effective in managing that oral condition and give you a peaceful sleep.  

Thumb sucking management

Most kids carry on their thumb sucking habits even when they’re older. Aside from the fact that it’s not normal, it has underlying dental issues. You may ask our London dentist to help you with finding the best device to manage your child’s mannerisms and prevent future problems. 

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