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Dental bonding is a great option to repair damaged teeth caused by decay, breaks, chips, and even gaps. In addition, many dentists consider it to be one of the most affordable and simplest treatments (if not the most affordable and simple) for these types of dental issues. Bonding for your teeth is also effective in improving the colour of your teeth, concealing any exposed roots, and making teeth appear longer or wider. 

Initially, there is typically very little preparation involved, besides your dentist cleaning the tartar and plaque from your teeth before proceeding with applying the bonding material. There is also usually no need for anesthesia with this dental treatment since the process is not invasive. If we use dental bonding to treat a decayed tooth, you may require sedation since we will be reshaping it.

After choosing the shade for the putty-like resin to match the colour of your teeth, your dentist will apply conditioning liquid and roughen it to help the bonding material adhere well. Next, we apply the putty-like resin to your tooth, then mold and shape it. We use a special blue light on the dental bonding material to harden it permanently and polish it to make sure it looks and feels right. The entire process may take between half an hour and a full hour to complete for each tooth.

To learn more about how the dental bonding procedure can help improve your smile, we encourage you to get in touch with our London dental clinic. We can then arrange a time to have you visit us for a consultation and discuss your options for your teeth. 

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