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Teeth cleanings and checkups are routine and non-invasive. Since cavities can occur inside or between teeth, where they can go undetected, we may request a dental X-ray. In addition to teeth, we check your gums, tongue, neck, throat, and face for any issues, then remove any plaque and tartar, polish, remove extrinsic stains, and floss between your teeth to omit hard-to-reach residue.

Teeth cleanings and checkups occur hand in hand during your regular dental visits. By keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy, you will be much better protected from the risk of cavities and oral diseases.

Regular dental visits have two parts. The first part is where the checkup or examination happens. After that, a thorough cleaning or oral prophylaxis will take place. You may be able to expect your dentist to check on your teeth for cavities at this time. Dental X-rays are common at almost every teeth cleaning and checkup, so there is no need to be too anxious. 

Aside from cavities, we will also look for plaque and tartar that have developed on your teeth. The plaque starts as a sticky film on your teeth and when it hardens it becomes tartar. These solidified biofilms are hard to remove with regular brushing and that’s where we come in. 

Usually, our dentists will check the pockets under your gum lines to observe any sign of gum disease. The wider your gum pocket, the higher the risk to develop bacteria in them. Our thorough teeth cleanings and checkups also include checking your tongue, neck, throat, and face for detecting signs of irregularities.

At this point, your London dentist will perform your professional teeth cleaning, removing any plaque and tartar using special dental tools, polishing your teeth, and removing some extrinsic stains. Finally, we will floss in between your teeth to help eliminate hard-to-reach residue. 

With a skilled staff and knowledgeable dentists at Wortley Road Dental, your regular visits can be enjoyable and helpful to maintain good oral health. Book your appointment with us now.

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