Mouthguards are dental appliances that are used to protect your teeth and mouth from fracture or injury. Usually, patients wear them as part of a sports guards requirement. Those who play contact sports like martial arts, basketball, and rugby are encouraged to have this dental appliance. Without this preventive measure, players often suffer from serious dental mishap that results in tooth extraction. 

London dentists explain that there are three types of dental guards. The most common type is the stock guard. Anyone can avail of this in any sporting goods store. While its advantage is that it’s accessible to most patients, it has some drawbacks. The stock teeth protector is actually premade so it only comes in one size. Users will have to bear with the discomfort due to its bulky feature. Stock mouthguards may be thick to resist force but, it’s not that flexible to fit well in the mouth. This may even lead to more damages since it’s ill-fitting.

Another type of teeth and mouth protector is the boil and bite type. Some users find this better than the stock guards since boil and bite types are adjustable. According to London dentists, it is made from a thermoplastic material which is malleable when heated. From its name, patients will need to submerge the product in hot water to soften it. Then, he places it in the mouth and bites over it to create his custom fit. This provides more safety and comfort than the stock guards. 

Finally, we have custom-fitted mouthguards. Unlike the other two, this type can only be available from your dentist. It brings the best features compared to the other two dental protectors. Although this can be more costly, it guarantees superior comfort and protection. Your dentist ensures that he gets your exact teeth impression to create your perfect fit on the appliance. If you want to get this, consult our London dentists now and save your teeth from trauma and damage. 

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