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Smile enhancement is a procedure to help you achieve a better smile by improving the imperfections on your teeth and gums. Today, there are various dental treatments patients could enjoy. Here are the top dental procedures that aim to bring cosmetic correction for our patients. 

  • Teeth whitening. This method has been used by many London dentists plenty of times as this gives quick and instant results. More and more patients have already discovered its advantages.
  • Dental veneers. Another smile enhancement method that dentists recommend to their patients is the use of veneers. These teeth laminates are thin shells shaped like an ideal teeth surface. London dentists would permanently attach the veneers over the teeth to give you instant beautiful smile.  
  • Crowns. Dental crowns are famous for their strength and looks. It’s also impressive since it can protect a damaged tooth or replace a missing one and still appear just like a real bite. Most patients with crowns claim that it feels and appears just like a real tooth. That’s why it’s not hard to get used to with their new tooth. 
  • Gum reshaping. Reshaping your gums also brings smile enhancement especially for those with gummy smile. Patients who have small teeth appearance also get benefit from this dental procedure. Furthermore, it’s also a general dental procedure to help a patient prepare his teeth for new restorations.

There are plenty of options now to attain the smile you’ve always wanted. You just need your London dentists to help you find the most suitable treatment for your road to self-improvement.

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