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Migraine Pain Prevention

Migraine pain prevention is a method that dentists recommend to help you revert headache symptoms and stop it from progressing into a migraine. Migraine is a common health condition that is associated with an excruciating pain usually manifesting in only one side of the head. Without treatment, the discomfort can last up to a few hours.

It is still not clear what triggers this occurrence, however, patients of the London dentist did report that it recurs when they do a specific activity. Most commonly, eating certain foods, poor ventilation, and strenuous activities may lead to migraine. 

Severe headache also happens when a patient frequently grinds his teeth. This condition is called as bruxism or the excessive teeth clenching while asleep. Since the patient is unaware, it’s usually too late for migraine pain prevention. This is why if your partner tells you that you’re teeth grinding at night, you need to act on it. You can also notice a headache right when you wake up and worn down teeth even when you practice good oral hygiene. 

Your London dentist may suggest treatment to manage this muscle strain activity and avoid migraine development. Sometimes, stress management can help. Usually, when a patient is stressed he tends to clench his teeth even when he’s awake. Changing lifestyle habits and pampering oneself may reduce the tendency of teeth grinding. 

Another migraine pain prevention treatment involves using dental devices such as mouthguards. A night mouthguard is made of a thick plastic material that is molded after the patient’s teeth shape. It fits in the mouth so when the patient wears it, it protects the teeth from damaging each other when the grinding occurs. Since it also lessens the tension of the clenching, it also reduces the chances of developing migraine in the morning. 

If you think you need a customized night mouthguard, set up an appointment with your London dentist. 

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