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Dental bridges are used to “bridge” a gap made by a missing tooth. Usually, they consist of a false tooth attached with dental crowns at its sides for support, yet they have a natural look that matches the rest of your teeth. Like all replacement teeth, these dental prosthetics are a great option to restore your smile and keep teeth from developing malocclusion issues. We recommend this dental method if you still have healthy teeth on each side of the gap.

The process usually involves a dental examination and preparation of your abutment teeth, getting a tooth impression, and sending out the model for the fabrication of your bridges. While they are being created, your dentist will place temporary ones on your teeth to avoid sensitivity or infection due to exposure. Then, we apply the permanent bridges, check the fitting, and ensure they are comfortable before cementing in place.

Dental bridges application process

If you are considering dental bridges, it may involve two visits to our dental clinic. The initial appointment will include a dental examination and preparation of your abutment teeth, recontouring and reshaping to make room for the crowns. After that, your London dentist will take your teeth impression and send the model for the fabrication of your bridges. 

Since it may take weeks before the bridges are made, we will place temporary ones in the meantime. Exposing them without covering will risk sensitivity or infection. When you return to the clinic, we will apply the permanent substitutions. Our dentists will then check the fitting of your new bridges to make sure they fit properly and comfortably on you before permanently cementing them in place. 

With our modern digital technology, we can better ensure your dental bridges will fit accurately and be aesthetically pleasing. Consult our clinic now to explore if these dental appliances will help you achieve your smile enhancement goals.  

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