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Our clinic offers advanced dentistry to our patients for a variety of issues. At Wortley Road Dental, we aim to provide fast and effective treatment so you will only require one visit for most of our dental services.


We offer dental fillings for patients who require repairs or restorations, mostly due to cracks, fractures, and decay. Filling materials may be made of durable amalgam, composite, or gold that provide strength and protection for your teeth.


Dental bonding is used to help repair broken or damaged teeth or even help improve the appearance of short or chipped teeth, usually within an hour. 


Simple tooth extraction is a common treatment that is easily completed in one sitting. We may provide sedatives to help you relax throughout the procedure so we can avoid disruption or delay. 

Root canal

Our root canal therapy will remove your tooth infection as quickly and painlessly as possible to allow you to enjoy food within a few hours after your session.

Teeth whitening

Need to brighten your teeth immediately for an important event? We can help you leave our dental clinic with a whiter smile, usually in under an hour.

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