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You’ve probably had a dentist recommend you to an endodontist. Endodontists are specialists that have acquired additional study and training to be able to identify a certain orofacial pain and treat it. This case is a special type of dental treatment that involves diagnosis and treatment of your tooth interior. One of the common procedures that the London endodontist performs is root canal treatment. 

Every tooth has a chamber where soft tissues like the pulp are found. If the pulps are infected due to physical trauma or untreated tooth decay, it causes dental pain. That’s why you will need a root canal treatment to access the tooth and remove the diseased pulps. To be able to do this, that’s when your dentist suggests for an endodontist to see your condition. 

Before having the procedure, the dentist covers a comprehensive dental exam on you to determine the cause of your issue. Once this is done, the next step is to prepare you for the root canal therapy. 

The London endodontist will give you anesthetics or offer you sedation if you need help in calming down throughout the process. After this, the affected tooth will be isolated using a rubber dam. The rubber dam prevents saliva, water, and other debris while the endodontist works on your tooth. 

He will then use a dental tool to create a hole on your tooth and reach the infected site. He uses a dental file to remove the disease and make sure that the tooth chamber is thoroughly desensitized. Finally, your London endodontist will seal the tooth with a filling for protection. 

If you’re anxious about this process, we encourage you to come to our office for a safe and painless treatment. With the help of our modern dental tools and skillful practitioners, we guarantee your comfort and true dental revolutionary experience. 

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