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Endodontists, who are root canal specialists, can identify and treat certain orofacial pain. They perform a special type of dental treatment that involves diagnosis and treatment of your tooth interior, such as a root canal. In situations where you might have severe decay or encounter an accident and affect your teeth, this causes diseases to form in the pulp.  

However, our dentist in London Centre can perform treatment to remove the infected pulps and avoid further contamination. Your endodontist will provide anesthetics or offer sedation before a root canal treatment, then isolate the affected tooth using a rubber dam, which prevents saliva, water, and other debris from interfering with the procedure.

A root canal involves making a hole on the tooth to access the chamber, then using a dental handpiece to remove the disease and sanitize it before sealing the tooth permanently with fillings. The recovery period may be long and painful, but we can provide effective prescriptions and guidance that allow you to get back on track in just a few days. 

At Wortley Road Dental, we strive to remove your tooth infection as quickly and as painlessly as possible to allow you to recover and carry on with your daily life. If the pulps in your teeth chambers are infected due to physical trauma or untreated tooth decay, our dentists can remove them to help resolve the pain. Before the procedure can even be scheduled, however, we will schedule you for an appointment so we can conduct a comprehensive dental exam to determine the cause. 

If you are having any dental issues, it is important to contact your dentist immediately so he or she can check your teeth, gums, and mouth. Oral health is incredibly significant in general, but is also directly correlated with the overall health of your entire body. Call or email us today to book an appointment at Wortley Road Dental.

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