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Orthodontic treatment helps patients with malocclusion issues, such as crooked teeth, cross bites, and crowded teeth. To correct these bite issues, we use dental appliances and devices—particularly braces. A professional checkup will determine if it is the appropriate solution. Dental braces use brackets and metal archwires as an orthodontic treatment on the teeth.

 At Wortley Road Dental, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth or your child’s teeth to create a model for the braces. We can also help you or your child with oral prophylaxis for thorough cleaning beforehand. At the start of the procedure, we clean and dry teeth, then apply an adhesive to attach the brackets. We then insert the archwires in each bracket to grip the teeth and move them to their proper positions.

Braces are an effective orthodontic treatment and just one of the many techniques in dentistry to help you or your child achieve a healthy and attractive smile. Orthodontics in general help teeth misalignment and malformation issues. Usually, this condition is hereditary. Braces consist of an archwire inserted into metal brackets that are then attached to each tooth, helping them follow the movement of the braces and gradually straighten. 

A regular dental checkup is the first step to having your teeth or your child’s teeth examined by a professional dentist. With our dedicated team of dentists and friendly staff, we strive to ensure that you will have a worthwhile experience at our clinic. If we uncover any issues with your teeth or gums, we will then make recommendations to resolve them. For malocclusion issues, braces are often suggested. Find out whether you or your child is a good candidate by contacting our dental clinic at your earliest convenience. Book an appointment with our London dentist now and get started on the path towards straighter teeth. 

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