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If you develop gum disease, it infects the gums or the soft tissues that surround your tooth. Without treatment, it leads to the spread of infection and tooth loss. To prevent this, dentists perform periodontal therapy to effectively remove the cause of inflammation and restore the gum’s health.  

Before you even have to need this procedure, here’s what you could do to prevent periodontal disease:

Improve oral hygiene

Everyone must be practicing oral hygiene that is good enough to keep food debris from getting stuck in the teeth. The dentist in London encourages you to do better than that. You should improve your oral hygiene routine and ensure that you’re doing it properly to prevent infection.  

To achieve and maintain healthy gums, you must brush your teeth at least twice a day. Every time you do this, clean your teeth and tongue for at least 2 minutes. If there are spaces in between your teeth, use floss or an interdental brush in them. Periodontal therapy might be an extensive and costly procedure so make sure you take care of your teeth before it’s too late.

Scaling and root planing

Another non-invasive way to get rid of periodontal disease is to perform scaling and root planing. This procedure uses a dental scaler to reach above the gum line and remove plaque and tartar buildup. Our dentist in London makes sure that your gum pockets are free from these formations to prevent infection.

Once the gums start to recede, its grip on the tooth will also loosen and eventually lead to tooth loss. Following the scaling, the dentist will polish the tooth roots and prevent any bacteria to cling on the smooth surfaces. This type of periodontal therapy will help your gums heal faster and hold back to the tooth.     

There are other various and multiple techniques to ensure your gum’s health. If you need a dentist in London expertise in keeping your oral health optimal, book an appointment now!

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