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Orthodontics help teeth misalignment and malformation issues. Usually, patients inherit dental issues from their parents so they are largely out of their control. Orthodontic treatment is a method in dentistry that treats patients with malocclusion issues, including crooked teeth, cross-bites, and crowded teeth, just to name a few.

Our London dentist at Wortley Road Dental uses dental appliances and devices to correct various bite issues. Two of the most popular types are braces and plastic clear aligners: 

  • Braces are a common orthodontic treatment that consists of an archwire inserted into metal brackets. The brackets are then attached to each tooth to help them follow the movement of the braces and gradually straighten. 
  •  Plastic clear aligners also aim to correct teeth crookedness. We recommend these to patients looking for more discreteness and comfort when straightening and improving the overall appearance of their teeth. Fortunately, they are made of clear plastic that is both firm and flexible. They are also removable, which makes them easier to eat with, clean, and brush your teeth.

If you think you, your son, or your daughter may require orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to schedule an appointment for yourself or your children at Wortley Road Dental. A professional checkup and consultation will help us determine if this treatment is an appropriate solution for either of you.

Braces and clear plastic aligners are effective orthodontic treatments, but they are just two of the many techniques that we use in dentistry to help our patients achieve a healthy and attractive smile. With a dedicated team of skilled dentists and friendly staff, we strive to ensure that our patients enjoy their experience at our clinic. Book an appointment with our London dentist today via telephone or email and learn more about how you can improve your teeth, gums, and smile.

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