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Orthodontics is a branch in dentistry that studies diagnosis and treatment for teeth misalignment and malformation issues. Usually, patients develop this kind of dental condition when they haven’t received regular dental check-ups and services. It’s also likely that they have inherited their parent’s genes when it comes to their dental health. 

One common orthodontic treatment that our London dentist performs for patients is braces. This method uses an appliance made of an archwire that’s inserted into the metal brackets. The brackets are then attached to each of the patient’s teeth permanently. This method helps the crooked teeth to follow the movement of the braces and gradually aim correction. 

There are lots of breakthrough in orthodontics especially now that modern technology has been invented. If you’re worried about the discomfort and appearance of metal braces, now you can achieve straight teeth without pain and anxiety. Introducing clear aligners, the plastic-made dental appliances that also aim to correct your teeth crookedness. 

The London dentist recommends clear aligners to patients who need discreetness and comfort in straightening their teeth. Fortunately, teeth aligners are made of clear plastic that’s firm and flexible at the same time. It is virtually invisible so patients don’t have to worry about awkward teeth metals. It’s also removable so it’s easy to eat food and clean your teeth. 

More and more methods in orthodontics are being developed to make sure that you receive the appropriate treatment for your specific dental needs. Braces and clear aligners have multiple types to cater to various dental issues. With the help of our modern facility and dedicated dental team, you will achieve the smile you truly deserve. Book an appointment with our London dentist now and get that VIP treatment during your smile makeover.

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