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Dentures (Prosthetics)

Dentures are dental appliances that are used to restore missing smiles. It’s a very common restoration option for patients, like seniors who have lost most of their teeth on both upper and lower sets. These dental prosthetics are more efficient to use for eating and speaking properly than without any bite at all.

Using dentures in London Centre have many benefits including aesthetics. When a patient loses teeth, his gums and jaw deteriorate and soon his face will sag and appear older. With prosthetic teeth, the jawbones are supported and premature aging is prevented. It also helps to enhance the patient’s appearance and even makes him even look younger.

How to get your own dentures?

To get your dentures and partials, your dentist will advise you to let your gums and jawbone stabilize first after an extraction. It may take weeks for the bones to fill in the socket of the missing teeth. It also goes the same way for the gum tissues to heal. These occurrences will permanently affect and change the patient’s mouth.

The dentist in London Centre begins by taking an impression of your fully-healed gums. With this data, your dentist will create a model for the creation of your customized teeth prosthetics. Side by side a laboratory technician, your dentist will start molding the dentures on the model. Each time, the dentist will test it on your mouth to ensure its fit.

The molding process could take around 4 weeks to complete and you have to visit the dentist multiple times during that period for fitting. Although there are immediate dentures in London Centre, these are only temporary so you may still have a smile to wear the same day of your teeth removal.

If you want to restore your smile, our dentists will be ready to create one set of dentures for you. Visit Wortley Road Dental now!  

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