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Children’s or pediatric dentistry is a study in dentistry that focuses on providing oral care for kids from infancy until adolescence. If you bring your children to their pediatricians, it’s just right to also have their oral specialist take care of their teeth.

Although every dentist has the proper training and education, a pediatric dentist is special because he works with kids. He has the skills and compassion to handle kids that might be too anxious during dental visits or have a short attention span. It takes someone who is truly dedicated and patient to specialize in pediatric dentistry like our dentists in London.

What happens during your kid’s first dental visit?

If it is your child’s first time to meet his dentist, you need to show your child that you’re relaxed. Otherwise, he will sense your distress and will feel nervous as well. Let this experience be a good one so he will look forward to the following visits.

The pediatric dentist will need the kids’ parents to be with them in the room when the checkup begins. Especially when the child is too young to be by themselves, a guardian will be needed so they can hold the child for the physical exam and dental service. If your kids are older, they may be left alone with their dentist so they could build up the right rapport.

Pediatric dentistry has the right techniques and procedures to make sure that your children don’t get too overwhelmed or frightened. During the visit to the dentist, you may expect a physical check up on the child’s mouth and teeth. Cavities and suspicious signs will be assessed to ensure that he or she is in perfect oral health.

Our pediatric dentists will also perform cleaning and flossing. When necessary, your child may also receive fluoride treatments and dental sealants to strengthen and protect their teeth. Here in London, we’ll make sure that your kids will be comfortable throughout their visit and will get the best possible dental service they deserve.

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