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Dental emergencies are occurrences that should never be ignored. Enduring or delaying treatment on those dental issues will result in permanent damage. Moreover, it may require a more extensive and expensive procedure sooner or later.

If you encounter dental issues that cause severe pain, bleeding or major damage on the tooth, drive the patient to the emergency unit immediately. Nevertheless, you should apply first-aid while you’re on the way to the emergency dentist in London. Here’s what you can do during these situations:

Toothaches. Dental pain is very common, however, some are severe and may be a symptom to various oral issues. When the patient is experiencing a toothache, make him rinse warm water with salt for relief. If you could see stuck food or object that’s causing the discomfort, you may pick it with dental floss. These kinds of dental emergencies must be tended in the clinic if the issue persists.

Knocked out tooth. If the patient’s tooth has been knocked out of its socket, retrieve that tooth and submerge it in milk. Meanwhile, if the gums are bleeding, make sure to put pressure on it using a clean gauze or cloth. Then, rush him to his emergency dentist in London.

Cracked or broken tooth. Tooth fracture may cause discomfort or sensitivity so have the patient rinse his mouth with salted warm water. Put a cold compress on the area if you notice swelling while you’re on your way to the dentist.

These are just a few of the instances of dental emergencies that you need to consider taking urgent action. Some of them may be treated with first aid and medication. However, just remember that when the signs linger, the dental issue will need the dentist’s prognosis. Always have the contact number of your emergency dentist in London in speed dial to save your teeth from these unexpected moments.

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