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Your Easy Guide To General Dentist Services In London

by | Mar 15, 2021 | General Dentistry, Oral Health

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One of the most important aspects of good oral health is receiving routine general dentistry services in London. By visiting your dentist, you can regularly protect your teeth and gums from developing cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems. Read the guidelines below to help you get started with your oral health journey. 

What is general dentistry?

The primary goal of general dentistry is to protect and maintain a patient’s oral health. Generally, general dentists are experts at diagnosing, preventing and treating oral health problems. Most people think they should visit the dentist only when something has already gone wrong. General dentist procedures are vital because they lower the chance of having severe gum diseases. 

What procedures are the services under general dentistry?

When it comes to your dental health, you must know which dentist can help you with your particular problem. For a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness, general dentistry delivers a range of services. The dental services examples include :

1. Teeth cleanings

This is the main reason people go to the dentist. Most dentists recommend cleaning every six months. Despite brushing your teeth regularly, professional teeth cleaning will ensure that your teeth will not only be clean but free from tartar or plaque. 

2. Tooth extractions

While extractions may sound scary and painful, your dentist will ensure that you will have a pleasant experience afterward. You may need an extraction, depending on the condition of your teeth

3. Fillings

It is common to have cavities, and filling is the ultimate solution. It is a quick procedure that can protect your enamel from being exposed. 

4. Dental crowns

When the top of your teeth has decayed, a crown may help. This requires two visits.  To ensure that the crown will fit the decayed area, your dentist will make a mould of your tooth. 

5. Dental bonding

Bonding is another way of repairing damaged or chipped teeth. The dentist uses resin resembling natural teeth during this procedure that effectively improves imperfections. 

There is no need to be afraid of dental procedures.

Taking care of your oral health is extremely important. Schedule an appointment with your London dentist for more information about general dental services that can boost your oral health. 

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