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Tooth Extraction Benefits: The Advantages Behind The Loss

by | Aug 7, 2020 | General Dentistry, Oral Health

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Dentists believe that preserving your natural teeth is the best way to keep a healthy mouth. Indeed, when patients retain their real teeth until old age, that’s a sure sign of a stimulating lifestyle. However, that’s not the case for the common population. There are varying factors why a lot of people could not maintain their teeth besides brushing it. Sometimes this also has to do with hereditary diseases, including dental caries, are being passed down to children. It means that no matter how much you clean your teeth, you will get tooth decay that might lead to tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction

One of the standard dental procedures is tooth removal. This treatment is an invasive way of extracting a tooth from the socket. The two types of tooth removal are simple and teeth surgery.

A simple procedure is suitable for a patient whose affected tooth is visible and ready for extraction. Meanwhile, if the tooth is stuck in the gums or could not erupt out of the gums, it needs surgical removal.

Generally, removing a tooth begins with loosening with a dental elevator, then pulling the bite out using a forceps pair. If the case is more complicated, such as an impacted tooth, the dentist or oral surgeon makes an incision on the gums first. If necessary, they would break the impacted tooth into tinier parts. This way, it’s easier to pull them out than having to take the tooth as a whole.

The treatment usually lasts for an hour and 45 minutes and needs only one trip to the dentist. To set your expectations, the dentist will give you anesthetics during the treatment. If it helps, your dentist will also offer sedation to keep you calm throughout the process.  

Advantages of tooth extraction

Although dental extraction is shared, a few understand why it needs to be done. You will be losing a tooth in exchange for a lot of benefits. If your dentist recommends this procedure after a consultation, you should know that it’s the best option at the moment. Here are the possible reasons why dentists should rid of your teeth.

Relieve you from pain

Plenty of times, patients go to the dental office with a dental pain complaint. Usually, the causes are apparent, such as lodged objects or tooth decay. These simple issues are easily remedied. However, there are more underlying reasons for such discomfort. More often than not, you might have developed an infection that has already reached the tooth roots. If left untreated, the more it inflicts pain to the patient. If the severity of the dental problem is relatively high, removing the tooth is the only way to lift the discomfort.

Removing the problem itself

An infection in the tooth could rapidly spread making it harder to treat. When this happens, the problem becomes more complicated and will require more dental procedures. Not only that, but delaying the treatment will also prolong the patient’s discomfort. At this stage, the damage on the tooth is already serious and no longer reversible. Needless to say, the only remedy is to remove the tooth itself. 

Saving the rest of your teeth

One big risk that dentists try to avoid is giving a chance for cavity or infection to spread on to the neighbouring teeth. Sadly, there are patients who take notice of this only when it’s already late. The disease has already contaminated the other teeth. This will involve more dental treatments and more complicated procedures. If the treatment has missed the right moment, the patient might suffer losing not just one or two teeth. That’s why tooth removal needs to be done to stop the spread of infection affecting the other teeth, possibly the surrounding tissues and bones as well. 

Make way for a beautiful smile

In some cases, dentists would also suggest removing the tooth even if there’s no problem with it. Like in orthodontics, some patients have crooked teeth due to overcrowding. It means that there are more teeth that that patient’s mouth can take or the teeth are all too big to fit in the mouth. Naturally, the solution is to remove a tooth, like a molar extraction, so the other teeth can adjust to their proper places. This eventually results in a more beautiful smile. 

It may seem scary, but the thought of losing your tooth shouldn’t hinder you from getting the right dental treatment. Talk to your London dentist to see how you both can work together to keep your smile. 

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