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Invisible braces grew in demand since the creation of orthodontics. Although traditional braces are still famous today, the fact that some patients find it too distracting made them look for other options. The result, they enjoy less to none of a suitable treatment that would make their smile look better. That’s all because they become anxious of the striking appearance of metal braces. 

Fortunately, the London dentists offer lingual braces as another option to your orthodontic treatment. It basically have the same functions with the conventional aligners. It’s also made of wires and brackets with the purpose of holding the teeth and move them to proper alignment. However, there’s a catch. Lingual braces are invisible braces since they’re attached at the back of the teeth. 

This feature allows patients to continue on their orthodontic treatment without having to worry about their looks. It’s also more comfortable and makes it easier to clean the teeth surface. Nevertheless, just like the other dental devices, London dentists share that it has its own downside. 

It might be too challenging to maintain behind your teeth as you can’t clearly see them. Hence, more visits to your dentist. Unlike your regular checkups, this takes a lengthier time for your dentist as he needs to adjust just to see your invisible braces. 

Although that may be the case, each patient has their unique preferences and suitability with each dental treatment. If you need this dental appliance, you don’t have to worry. Our London dentists are ready to help you choose the best option to keep your irresistible smile.

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