The Power Of Your Smile

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A smile is possibly the one thing that is universally beautiful or attractive across cultures. What this shows is that everyone values happiness. Each of us has certain values that we hold dear, and when these are lived out, we create a feeling of satisfaction. It could be family (love, security, meaning, significance), or it could be growth, accomplishment, fun… and the list goes on. We work hard to create our ideals – either having the family over to celebrate the holiday season, or saving and living with discipline to prepare financially for retirement, among others. When we do those things that fulfill our priorities and values, we feel happy, and we often identify these moments as being at our best. And what does a person do when they feel happy? You’re right – smile.

I treated a lady recently whose personality transformed after some crowns I did on her front teeth. On a following visit, she told me that she no longer stays outside the rooms of social gatherings, that she talks more to people, that people have repeatedly told her she talks more and is more outgoing, that she has found the confidence to volunteer, and that she even paints differently. Before she had her crowns, the shape of her teeth had changed because of tooth wear, and she was embarrassed to the point that she wouldn’t smile. Now she allows herself to be happy much more often because her smile represents how she feels.

Obviously not every situation is as drastic as the above story, but it highlights a common motivation. Happiness is attractive, and in our honest place we want to be both happy and attractive to some extent.

So what actually is in a smile? The complexity of making teeth and gums and everything come together requires finesse, skill, and artistry. Everything comes down to this: the teeth need to look like teeth and function like teeth. No one wants to hear “Nice crowns or veneers you have there!”. We’re not fake, and our smiles shouldn’t look fake either. We want to hear “Your teeth are beautiful!”, or “You have a beautiful smile.

The point is that what’s in a smile is our selves – it is a reflection of our best self. That is why it is so important, and that is the power of the smile!

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