Potential Root Canal Problems You Need To Be Aware

by | Aug 3, 2019 | General Dentistry, Root canal therapy

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Root canal problems might occur while you’re receiving the treatment or even after it. Interestingly, there are various causes why this happens wherein sometimes you or your dentist might not help it. When that’s the case, you don’t have to worry as your dentist may just perform retreatment. 

Regardless, you need to observe proper root canal post care to make sure that you don’t develop any complications. 

Root canal problems

Here are some common issues that may arise when you have this treatment: 

  • Inflammation. Although it’s common, inflammation can be a risky problem for your infected tooth. If this happens, your dentist will not be able to complete your treatment in a single appointment. These kinds of root canal problems need to be treated before your dentist continues with the actual procedure. He might apply a root canal paste on the affected tooth to subside the inflammation and pain. This usually takes about weeks so you need to be careful and not develop another tooth issue. After then, you will go back to see your dentist so he could finish the treatment. Make sure that you follow your dentist’s instructions on root canal post care as inflammation may recur. 
  • Blocked canal. A blockage may thrive in your tooth root and this gives more challenge in doing the root canal therapy. One reason why there are blocked canals is because of calcium deposits. This growth is produced by the tooth itself. Another rare cause of congestion is a stuck piece of a broken instrument in the canals. An endodontist will be able to help you with this type of root canal problems. So, you might want to ask some recommendations to a great specialist to treat your tooth.
  • Missed canal. It could also become a problem if your dentist fails to notice an extra canal during previous root canal treatment. This is possible even with the latest dental technology that the London dentist have adapted in his clinic. Because the root canal system is so complex, it’s easy to miss a canal during an initial dental examination. If this happens, the tooth will be vulnerable to pain and infection. 

 A tooth infection can be alarming, however, there’s no need to be afraid. There will be plenty of treatment options for you once you consult your dentist. Most importantly, always follow the right root canal post care to keep a happy smile.

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