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Multi Appointment Treatment

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We’re offering multi appointment treatment for patients who have busy schedules and have only limited time to attend to non-work related appointments. This is also extended for patients who are under treatment plans that need multiple visits. This gives you an assurance that you will have an allocated slot on your next visit to your dentist. Furthermore, here are the other benefits of this option:

Flexible time

Our London dentist understands that each of you will have your own priorities to set and you will need your dental appointment to be scheduled in flexible time. Fortunately, if you won’t be available on a specific time and date, we could arrange a slot that is more preferable to you.  

Avoids waiting line

The multi appointment treatment option lets you avoid a frustrating waiting line on your following visit. We may set your schedules in advance by including you in our appointment system. This technique will help us remind you of your upcoming session with the London dentist and not require further appointment details and processes.


With this option, we can put you in priority once you reschedule for an appointment with us. Other clinics might put you on hold or place you in a waiting list and we know how frustrating that might be. With a multi appointment treatment system, we will guarantee that you will have plenty of options during your dental visit booking.  

More than anything else, our London dentist wants to make sure that you could attend your regular or follow-up meetings with us to help you maintain your precious smiles. Call us or book an easy appointment online.

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