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There’s More To Straight Teeth With London Invisalign

by | Oct 11, 2021 | General Dentistry

In this day and age, getting the “perfect straight teeth” is what’s in. People, regardless of age, seek various oral care solutions to have the dream smile they have always wanted. Dental treatments, such as London Invisalign, are becoming the go-to solution to fix teeth issues, especially teeth misalignments.

While it is undeniable that these invisible braces can do wonders to improve one’s teeth’ appearance, some doubt whether it is just an act of vanity. This orthodontic treatment is, after all, a bit more costly  than other traditional dental straightening procedures, such as metal braces.

Is there really more to Invisalign than achieving those straight teeth? 

Short answer — yes! In fact, there’s plenty more!

Close up of female arms taking transparent clear-aligner from blue case

London Invisalign benefits

Beyond teeth appearance, you can get more benefits with quality Invisalign aligners.

Improved oral hygiene

One of the biggest advantages of getting these clear aligners is how they can easily be removed and put back. Such actually makes this easier for you to maintain better oral hygiene. Straightening your teeth using traditional braces may cause some bits of your food and plaque stuck in your teeth. Without proper oral care, this could potentially lead to serious oral health-related diseases and complications. 

With Invisalign, you can easily remove your aligners and brush or floss your teeth. As a result, you not only get your “smile goals”, but you also protect your dental health..

Preventive dental care

You will be surprised how these transparent braces can give proactive measures for your oral health. This dental treatment helps you clean your teeth better. Tooth infections and decays and gum diseases should no longer concern you.

With your teeth fixed and straightened, there’s less chance of you experiencing sleep problems, such as sleep apnea. Since abnormal bites or crooked teeth cause sleep apnea by disrupting your breathing, Invisalign can be a solution.

Better quality of life

If traditional dental braces prohibit you from eating your favourite meals, invisible braces are what you need. With this dental treatment, you can eat or drink regardless of your food’s texture or your drink’s temperature. Gone are the days where straightening the teeth meant enduring dental discomfort or limiting the life you’ve once had.

The takeaway

There’s no denying how Invisalign redefines how dental treatment can be done. However, it is always best to know more about it like any other procedure. Ask your dentist in London about this service and let your journey to better oral care begin

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