London Invisalign: The Invisible Way To Straighten Your Teeth

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London Invisalign aligners

Getting a sparkling new smile is now stylishly discreet, thanks to the inventive and creative teeth-straightening method called Invisalign. London Invisalign uses a series of transparent aligners individually created to fit your teeth and move them toward a new smile. They use this instead of unpleasant metal wires and brackets. Clear aligner orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign, straightens teeth by utilizing detachable, transparent plastic trays. This is different from braces that are glued to the teeth permanently.


The fact that you may continue eating and drinking normally while receiving treatment with  London Invisalign adds to its convenience. Just take out your aligners and continue eating your favourite meals as usual! To keep your removable aligners as clear and stain-free as possible, remember to brush your teeth before re-applying them.


Is Invisalign The Same As Braces? 

Even though London Invisalign looks great, some customers still choose braces. Both conventional braces and Invisalign are common orthodontic procedures used to progressively straighten teeth. It might be challenging to determine which approach is superior because both are FDA-approved gadgets that produce amazing outcomes.

The degree of correction required, age, and lifestyle should all be taken into account when deciding between Invisalign aligners and braces.


Difference Between Invisalign and Veneers

With aligners, you may correct your natural teeth; with porcelain veneers, a porcelain coating is placed on top of each tooth. One choice will probably outweigh the other significantly depending on your dental needs and the issues you’re trying to solve.


Sometimes it seems logical to use both veneers and aligners. Consider  London Invisalign first, followed by veneers, if you want to realign your teeth and improve their form, look, or both. Veneers can help correct crooked teeth, gaps In teeth, or overlapping teeth. However, keep in mind that after around 10 years, veneers may need to be reapplied and require upkeep. 


Which option suits you best?

According to research by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 48% of respondents said that when they first meet someone, their smile sticks out the most. We naturally aim for smiles that are brighter and more evenly spaced. You may select the approach that serves your needs the most.


Of course, the simplest approach to deciding between London Invisalign aligners and veneers is to talk to your dentist. Ask about the benefit from veneers and the cons of each option. You may also schedule an evaluation to see which option is best for your specific circumstances.

Types of Invisalign

Here are types of London Invisalign for a natural smile transformation:        

  •  Invisalign express

Invisalign express is a six-month treatment procedure that requires just 10 sets of aligners to produce a healthier, straighter smile. It is a reasonably rapid cure for slight teeth crowding or other minor concerns.

  • Invisalign i7

With Invisalign i7, you may correct minor alignment errors with only seven aligner trays, which is an even quicker way to attain the results you want from orthodontic treatment.

  • Invisalign lite

Invisalign Lite strikes a mix between speedy outcomes and effective alignment treatment for more significant modifications that Invisalign Express can’t handle. Patients typically receive 14 aligners as part of their treatment regimen, which they wear for at least six months.

  • Invisalign full

You’ll benefit from the whole Invisalign treatment plan for moderate to severe dental troubles that can still be resolved without the use of traditional braces. You will receive specially made alignment trays for Invisalign Full, which you must wear almost constantly for over a year, up to 18 months.


Merits of Invisalign

Invisalign is a company that creates a patented style of transparent aligners, not clear aligners themselves. With the use of Invisalign’s transparent aligners, licensed orthodontists collaborate to create a customized treatment plan based on each patient’s unique diagnosis. Let us take a look at the many advantages Invisalign provides:

1. Comfort and Convenience

In contrast to braces, which can result in scratches and irritation, clear aligners fit snugly against teeth. Although tooth realignment does cause some discomfort for patients, Invisalign generally reduces pain within the mouth.

2. Visual Appearance

In contrast to traditional metal braces, translucent plastic Invisalign aligners are difficult to detect from a range. One of the key reasons why so many individuals choose transparent aligners for braces is their discrete appearance.

3. Flossing and Brushing Made Easy

As we all know, proper dental routine and home care is important. Users of Invisalign can brush and floss normally after taking off the mouthpiece. No need for the drawn-out and rigorous dental care procedure associated with conventional braces.

4. Foods That Are Dry or Chewy Pose Little To No Risk

Crunchy and chewy foods, including nuts, popcorn, and bagels should be avoided by those who are wearing braces to prevent damage or discomfort. These foods do not need to be avoided, though, as wearing aligners requires taking them out before eating.

5. Fewer Trips To The Orthodontist

In some cases, using aligners instead of braces will reduce the frequency of orthodontic appointments. Although this isn’t always the ideal solution for everyone, some online businesses offer consumers clear aligners and no orthodontic appointments whereas Invisalign treatments often call for visits every four to six weeks. Every modification requires an appointment at the dental clinic for patients who are having braces procedures.


You deserve a beautiful smile. Employing the services of a skilled dentist in London for your Invisalign procedure is a great way to start.  Wortley Road Dental is located near you in London, Ontario, Canada.

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