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How To Relax During Teeth Cleaning

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Oral Health, Teeth Whitening

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You might be wondering whether you need to visit your London dentist every six months for teeth cleaning. The truth is, many things can make or break the success of this session and preparing in advance will help get more out than just plaque away from those teeth!

As much as preparing yourself before the session sounds like fun, don’t forget –all those things you do beforehand matter just as much during your visits.

What happens in a dental cleaning procedure?

Dental cleanings are a great way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Your London dentist does professional teeth cleaning procedures to remove tartar buildup, fighting off signs that can lead to tooth decay or gum issues that would otherwise leave you with an unattractive smile!

Your registered dental hygienist does the following steps during your dental cleaning session:

  1. Examine your mouth.
  2. Use dental scaling tools to remove tartar from your teeth.
  3. Brush your teeth with toothpaste that uses a unique formulation.
  4. Floss your teeth and rinse your mouth.
  5. Apply fluoride gel.

If your teeth and gums are in good condition, it may be enough just to use dental floss or advanced toothpaste. Yes, your London dentist might need to perform teeth cleaning soon.  However, some people will require more than this for their needs; they might need toothbrush heads with bristles which can remove built-up tartar on the surface of enamel as well! But no matter what you do –don’t forget about regular visits, so your dentist can check whether any further treatment is needed.

The whole procedure typically lasts between 30 minutes and an hour, but you may need other steps, depending on the condition of your teeth and gums.

How to reduce your anxiety before a dental visit?

It is common to feel anxious about dental cleanings, but there are things you can do in order not to have jittery nerves on the day of your appointment. You may also ask for help from your London dentist. You may worry too much or think of all kinds of terrible scenarios that could happen during teeth cleaning sessions, such a show dirty our teeth and gums might be – this will make us dread going even more! To combat these feelings, try doing one (or more) item from each list below:

Avoid setting an appointment during rush hours

Mornings and evenings can be hectic, but mornings are usually less busy than late afternoons or nights. In the middle of the day, there is less competition for appointments because kids go to school while most adults are off work. This provides an excellent opportunity to schedule your appointment during these times!

If you want to get an appointment as soon as possible, then mornings are your best bet. Mornings can be hectic depending on where any given dental office is located in the country. They also tend not to have many patients waiting, so there’s room. In addition, morning appointments in London dental clinics run more smoothly than those held at other times of the day due.

Take an over-the-counter painkiller

Teeth cleaning is a great way to keep your teeth healthy and happy, but it can be uncomfortable if you don’t take some preparation steps. For instance, Ibuprofen or another over-the-counter medication may help with pain relief before meeting up for an appointment! You should also consider taking one dose six hours after the procedures are completed. 

Of course, your dentist will prescribe you medication to relieve discomfort post-treatment, if necessary. You may ask one if you feel you need one. 

Avoid overbrushing

You’re worried about what your London dentist can find when examining you before your teeth cleaning. You brush for oral hygiene, but the jitters leave some people brushing too hard and risking sore gums during treatment time –which could lead to an issue with their teeth in general! Take extra care while brushing so that this doesn’t happen by taking it slow or using small motions instead of vigorous ones around each tooth.

Skip your morning coffee.

There are many benefits to drinking coffee before you visit the dentist, but it can also make your day much more stressful. You may worry for hours about what’s happening in that office and how they will work their magic!

The great thing is there’s plenty we know already –coffee isn’t good when consumed within two hours of sitting down in the dentist’s chair because its effect delays your ability (or willingness) to process information while conscious; however, if done early enough, then this should not present any problems.

Arrive early

If you are anxious about your upcoming visit to your London dentist, try to calm yourself down and arrive at the clinic earlier than necessary. You may also want to take extra steps before going in so that everything goes smoothly for both parties involved!

Preparing for teeth cleaning is essential by arriving at your appointment early and filling out any paperwork that may need completing. Arriving late will only make you more anxious, so be sure not to miss this opportunity!

One of the essential parts of maintaining good dental hygiene is practicing proper oral care before going to the dentist. Make sure you ask your dentist in London what other things can be done for maximum efficiency during an appointment. 

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