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Laser Treatment

laser treatment by Wortley Road Dental

Laser treatment is a revolutionary approach in dentistry as it brings precision and comfort to both dentists and patients. A laser is a thin light beam that is so focused it could penetrate and cut through surfaces of soft tissues like gums and also teeth.

The incision made by light beams is very accurate than traditional ones that it avoids messy wounds and excessive bleeding. In place of sharp and pointy tools, the London dentist says that patients feel safer and secure having laser-tips during dental procedures.

This technique is used by dentists in two general ways:

Soft tissue procedures

Gummy smile treatment

Patients with a gummy smile have excessive gums that others might see as unappealing. Using laser treatment, the dentist could remove the excess gums or reshape it to improve the patient’s smile. This tool is quite effective to use in cosmetic purposes due to its accuracy.

Crown lengthening

This procedure is necessary for contouring the gums and bones to make room for dental restorations such as crowns. Your London dentist finds laser dentistry helpful in completing a quick and painless operation to provide you with better functioning teeth.  

Soft tissue removal

Ill-fitting dentures may result in lesions and excess folds on the gums due to irritation. When this happens, the patient may feel uncomfortable until it is removed. Using the laser tip dental tools, it’s easy to remove those damaged tissues without pain and need for suture.  

Hard tissue procedures

Laser treatment eliminates the use of anesthesia and traditional dental drills when removing or killing the bacteria in cavities. This procedure is also effective in preparing or reshaping the tooth for restoration or fillings. It could also seal micro openings that may be causing tooth sensitivity.  

Using laser in dentistry have more benefits and uses more than what’s been discussed. If you’re one of those who have anxiety over dental procedures, then this treatment is for you. You may book for an appointment with our London dentist, to provide you with more details about our laser technology system

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