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Inching Up?

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periodontal therapy by Wortley Road Dental

Gum disease is a chronic inflammatory infection that affects your entire body, including your metabolism, thus limiting your ability to control your weight.

  • There is compelling evidence that advanced gum disease contributes to obesity and that overweight individuals have more severe gum disease.
  • Fat cells release inflammatory proteins which trigger more weight gain.
  • There is a relationship between gum disease, obesity, and diabetes. It appears that oral bacteria affect your metabolism by aiding insulin resistance.

Knowledge is power. Continue to eat a balanced diet, exercise frequently, brush and floss daily, and see us regularly so we can monitor and effectively treat your oral health.

Do you have dental anxiety or dental phobia? Wortley Road Dental is happy to offer several forms of sedation to support your office visit. This is simply part of caring for our community.

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