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Avoid These Life-Threatening Gum Disease Symptoms

by | Aug 6, 2019 | General Dentistry, Gum Disease

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If you put more attention and act on your gum disease symptoms, it might just save your life. Gum disease could be life-threatening if you continuously take it for granted. Sometimes, patients tend to ignore these signs and even endure associating discomfort. Most likely than not, these patients lack the education that gum disease signs may lead to tooth loss and serious infection. 

Somehow, dentists couldn’t blame these patients for being fearful of dental procedures. However, experts strongly suggest that once you notice early signs of oral problems, it’s best to consult your dentist right away. 

Gum disease symptoms

Watch out for these gum disease symptoms and try to revert it as soon as possible with the help of your specialist. 

  • Tender and swollen gums. Inflammation on the gums may be normal for some patients who encounter an accident. Generally, physical trauma could lead to swollen gums. However, swollen and tender gums also develop from infection due to poor oral hygiene practices. If you suspect that you have this, you may check for other signs of gum disease to confirm.
  • Bleeding and pus. These gum disease signs are alarming. If you realize that your gums bleed when you brush or if they ooze pus, you need to be concerned. Healthy gums will never bleed or produce pus. On the other hand, it tells you that bacteria are already attacking it. 
  • Receding gums. Are you starting to realize that your gums may be pulling away from your teeth? That’s not an ordinary occurrence because gum recession means that your soft tissues are getting weak. These gum disease symptoms will eventually expose your teeth to sensitivity. What’s worse is that it’s going to compromise its hold on your teeth and that’s when tooth loss happens. 
  • Loose and separating teeth. If you notice your teeth feeling funny when you bite down, they could slowly become loose. Some may even lead to the extent of separating or creating gaps in between. This stage is pretty serious already and needs an immediate checkup from your Family Dentist in London
  • Mouth sores. Canker sores are common mouth problems that most of you have ignored. That’s fine since sores go away for a few days even without treatment. Yet, if that sore only becomes bigger and more painful, you have to seek professional help already.
  • Bad breath. Anyone can develop bad breath, especially with poor oral hygiene and diet. Anyway, that goes away once you brush your teeth once again and regularly rinse with mouthwash. Nevertheless, if it’s becoming persistent you could consider it one of the gum disease signs

Oral health maintenance must not only focus only on your teeth. Be mindful of your tongue, cheeks, and gums as well, as bacteria may linger in those areas more.

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