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Dental sealants are a type of plastic coating that is painted on surfaces of the teeth for protection and prevention from decay. Most patients find sealants very durable even though it’s thinly applied on the tooth. The material could mold accurately on each of the teeth’s pits and fissures and is considered as the enamel’s shield. Nevertheless, it’s what makes it comfortable since it doesn’t affect the patient’s occlusion or the teeth’s contact.

Usually, dental sealants in London Centre are applied on the molars and premolars since these bites are hard to reach by the toothbrush and floss. Kids and teenagers are more at risk of tooth decay so they can highly benefit from this treatment as much as adults.  

Dental sealants application

The application of dental sealants is a very simple process and doesn’t hurt at all. It only takes a few minutes to apply the coating on each tooth and drying it isn’t time-consuming.

Prior to applying the seal, the dentist will clean your teeth first. He makes sure there isn’t any food debris that will get stuck after the coating. If your plaque and tartar are evident, he may recommend you undergo oral prophylaxis before having the dental sealants in London Centre.

If the teeth are thoroughly cleaned, he proceeds to dry them with cotton. He will then apply an acid solution on the teeth as this helps the dental sealants to bond well. The teeth will then be rinsed with water and then dried again. This time the coating is already applied. It bonds immediately on the tooth into every groove. It doesn’t take too much time before it hardens in place permanently. Your dentist may get the help of curing light and use it on the sealants for faster process.

If you get your dental sealants in London Centre, you can have the long lasting teeth protection it promises. Ask our dentist now how this material could help strengthen your smile.

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