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Teeth cleaning and checkups happen hand in hand during your regular dental visits. Although these are routine and non-invasive methods, it’s the most important appointment you don’t want to miss. By keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy, you are safe from risks of cavities and oral diseases.

What entails your regular dental appointment?

In your first dental appointment, your London dentist will set expectation that each visit will have two “parts”. The first part is where the checkup or examination happens. After that, a thorough cleaning or oral prophylaxis will take place.

For the examination, you may expect your dentist to check on your teeth for cavities. Some of them may go undetected by the naked eye so a dental X-ray will be requested. These are common every teeth cleaning and checkups so don’t be too anxious. Aside from cavities, your dentist will also look for plaque and tartar that have developed on your teeth. The plaque starts as a sticky film on your teeth and when it hardens it becomes tartar. These solidified biofilms are hard to remove with regular brushing and that’s where your London dentist comes in.

Your gums will also be checked. Usually, dentists would check the pockets under the gum lines to observe any sign of gum disease. The wider your gum pocket, the higher the risk to develop bacteria in them. The thorough teeth cleaning and checkups also include your tongue, neck, throat, and face for detecting signs of irregularities.

By this time, the London dentist proceeds to perform the professional teeth cleaning. He will remove the plaque and tartar using special dental tools. He will then polish your teeth and remove some extrinsic stains. Finally, your dentist will floss in between your teeth spaces to get rid of hard to reach residues.

With our staff and dentists here in Wortley Road Dental, regular visits can be interesting and fun! Book your family’s appointment with us now.


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