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Fluoride Treatment

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Fluoride treatment is given to patients who need help in repairing weak enamel or simply needs more protection from risks of bacteria and cavities. Fluoride is a mineral that’s naturally found in the teeth and keeps it strong. If it’s insufficient, bacteria buildup could easily break the teeth. Exposing the teeth will lead to various risks including dental pain and infection.

Forms of fluoride

According to our dentist in London, receiving fluoride is done in two ways. You either ingest it or apply it immediately on the tooth. If it is applied directly on the tooth enamel, dentists call it topical fluoride. Examples of topical fluoride are toothpaste, mouth rinse, foam, gel or varnish.

A systemic fluoride treatment is done by consuming the mineral. Examples of the mineral in this form are fluoridated water and dietary supplements. If both types of fluoride are obtained by the body, then the patient has reduced the risk of developing oral diseases and dental caries. If your dentist in London informs you that you have a chance of acquiring caries, take his heed and get a professional fluoride therapy.

Fluoride treatment

In dental clinics, this treatment uses more concentrated materials than regular toothpaste or rinse. Commonly, dentists would use a brush or cotton swab to apply the mineral on the teeth. It could also be done by putting the foam or gel in a tray and is temporarily plastered on the teeth. Just for several minutes, the fluoride treatment is done.

Do not eat anything for 30 minutes to an hour after your treatment to allow the fluoride to get absorbed in the teeth completely. Depending on your dental condition, your dentist might regularly apply fluoride on your teeth every 6 months.

Always consult your dentist in London about these dental techniques. They will always know the best treatment to help you achieve that striking, beautiful smile.

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