Are You The Right Candidate For Dental Implant Surgery?

by | Aug 15, 2019 | General Dentistry, Oral Health

If you need teeth replacement, you should consider dental implant surgery. This is the most ideal option for you. An oral surgeon performs this process of placing dental screws to act as artificial roots of the teeth. Implants have metal protrusion called the abutment. This links the post to the dental restoration such as crowns, dentures, or bridge. Zirconia and titanium, which are biocompatible to the human body, make up the most common materials used.   

Most patients prefer dental implant procedure because they want a fixed and durable restoration. Yet, this treatment option might not be suitable for all. Oral surgeons need to ensure that the patient is a good fit to prevent tooth implant failure. They perform comprehensive screening to anyone who wants to undergo this procedure before he is considered a good candidate for surgery. 

Who are good candidates for dental implant surgery?

Your dental team will check different factors as they plan for your dental implant surgery.

  • You lost one or more teeth. 
  • Your jawbone must be fully developed. Similarly, you must have sufficient jawbone density to hold the implants. If your dentist observes bone degeneration, the procedure begins with a bone graft surgery as an option before the oral surgeon continues with the implant.
  • The digital dental X-ray must also reveal that your oral tissues are healthy. If you have gum disease, the condition is treated first so that tooth implant failure is avoided. 
  • Moreover, you need to be physically healthy, with no medical condition that may prevent bone healing. The implants placed into your jawbone need to fuse with your natural bone and tissues for a successful surgery. 
  • Quitting cigarette smoking during the treatment will help the healing process, for instance.
  • You are willing to commit to long-term dental treatment and frequent dental checkup. Your oral surgeon will monitor your progress and ensure the success of your implant surgery. 

Risks of dental implant surgery

Similar to other surgical procedures, the dental implant surgery also poses several risks. Your oral surgeon will explain these before you sign up for the procedure. 

  • An infection characterized by swelling or severe bleeding in the surgical site. 
  • Injury in the neighboring tooth. 
  • Sinus problems

You can be assured that he will expertly handle your dental case and ensure the success of the procedure. With careful treatment planning, you will be prepared to undergo the treatment without expecting a tooth implant failure.

It’s time to have your teeth replaced with durable dental implants. Visit your Wortley Road dentist so you can schedule your examination and discuss this treatment.

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