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Dental Anxiety Management

dental anxiety treatment by Wortley Road Dental

Dental anxiety management is now being offered for those who have a fear of dental procedures and dentists. This issue needs to be addressed now because more and more patients avoid dental treatment and face complications later on. There’s a certain technique in this therapy that dentists do to help patients voice out their concerns.

Our London dentist follows a flowchart to carefully assess every aspect of a patient’s dental distress. Its outline is generally shown in this order:


To assess dental anxiety, the dentist must be able to determine the level of stress the patient faces about dental treatment. He does this by using a dental anxiety management screening tool. This consists of questions that patients could take like a survey regarding his output about dental appointments.

Level of dental anxiety

After the assessment, the dentist will identify the anxiety level of the patient based on his answers on the survey. This is categorized among low, moderate, and high.


Depending on the stress level, the London dentist will suggest if the patient would need urgent treatment or not. Basically, those with low to moderate anxiety levels may not take urgent treatment but will be under counseling therapy. If the patient has high levels of distress, the dental anxiety management approach may be sedation or general anesthesia.

Everyone deserves to get the dental care that they need and want. A little courage might be too difficult for some. Nevertheless, that’s the reason why dentistry doesn’t stop until it finds a treatment that’s comfortable and efficient. Now, our London dentist offers sedation and laser dentistry to help you achieve that happy smile.

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