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You Can Improve Your Overall Health With Dental Bridges

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Oral Health

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It’s no secret that having a healthy smile can boost your confidence and improve your overall health. Dental bridges help replace missing teeth and stabilize your bite. Without them, the teeth on either side will start to move, leading to speaking and chewing problems. If you miss one or more teeth, consult your dentist if this dental procedure is suitable for you.

Benefits of getting dental bridges

Aside from improved oral health, dental bridges offer a lot of benefits.

1. They maintain the face of your shape.

Losing a tooth causes your jawbone to deteriorate. The reason for this is that tooth roots provide stimulation to the jawbone. Your cheeks might look sunken without that stimulation, causing you to lose more teeth

2. They prevent the other teeth from moving. 

To keep your teeth in place, you have tooth roots located under your gums. In tooth loss, surrounding teeth may tilt toward the space. Dental bridges can prevent your teeth from shifting.  

3.  You’ll have improved chewing.

It’s difficult to lose a tooth since you cannot enjoy the food you eat. In addition, you’ll experience pain and discomfort every time the food gets lodged in the space of your missing tooth. The dentist can recommend a dental bridge treatment so you can eat your favourite food once again. 

4. They improve the appearance of your smile.

A perfect smile is priceless. After getting dental bridges, patients feel more confident and ready to flash their smiles. Patients will never feel self-conscious again once they have their bridges.

Are you a candidate for dental bridges?

If you consider getting bridges, your dentist will evaluate first the condition of your teeth. You are a good candidate for dental bridges when you have two strong and healthy teeth on each side of the area where the teeth need replacement. The dentist may recommend dental implants instead if the patient does not have healthy teeth. 

Schedule a consultation

A tooth bridge can last for ten to twenty years, depending on how you take care of them. Make sure to schedule an appointment with your London dentist before making any decisions. You deserve healthy teeth!

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