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Our clinic is already offering laser dentistry to promote single appointment treatment. This advancement that we adapted with our services helps us speed up our procedures and eliminate other processes. Rest assured, most of our dental services would require you with only one visit to our dentist. If you’re having these treatments with us, you could leave the same day with a smile as good as new.


Our London dentist offers dental fillings for patients who need teeth repair or restoration. Most of these teeth that need fillings are those that have cracks and fractures. Filling materials could be made of amalgam, composite, or gold. Generally, these are durable materials that provide strength and protection to your teeth and could be done in a single appointment treatment.


Dental bonding is done for teeth that are broken, damaged or appears short. The material is quite malleable but with the use of special curing light, it hardens after it is being molded. This procedure can be done in a day within an hour.  


Simple tooth extraction is a common treatment and is easily done in one sitting. Your London dentist may give you sedatives to help you relax throughout the procedure. This way your dentist could remove a tooth without disruption and delay.

Root canal

If you’re having dental pain and need to get rid of it urgently, then booking a single appointment treatment in our office is your answer. The root canal therapy could get rid of your teeth infection with the help of laser technology system. It’s quick, accurate, painless, and lets you enjoy your food delights just a few hours after your session.

Teeth whitening

Need to brighten your teeth immediately for an important event? Have our London dentist whiten your teeth in just a few minutes and then you’re on a roll!

If you need to have a quick solution for your teeth problems due to your hectic schedule, give us a call now.

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