Welcome to our clinic.  Our goal is to provide you and your family with the highest quality of dental care, while maintaining a friendly and relaxing environment.  To keep our standard of care to a level which best serves your dental needs, we ask that you please observe the following guidelines:


Your dental appointment is considered confirmed at the time of booking.  This means we are reserving time with our doctor, assistant and hygienist, as well as operatory space as required.  We will be sterilizing and preparing the operatory space as well as all the equipment and materials required for your procedure.  We therefore request that if you are unable to attend the scheduled appointment you contact our office with 48 hours notice to reschedule.  As a courtesy we will telephone or e-mail you prior to your appointment to remind you of the appointment you have reserved with our team.

Cancellation Policy

There are many times when our patients require urgent or emergency treatment and therefore require an appointment as soon as possible.  When patients give the clinic advance notice of their need to cancel a scheduled appointment, this time can in turn, be allocated to those patients in need of urgent treatment.  In this way the clinic can best serve the needs of ALL patients.

Bearing these special needs in mind, the clinic requires a minimum of 48 hours notice if an appointment must be cancelled. It is believed that most patients who cancel appointments do so in the belief that a scheduled appointment is a matter of convenience, whereas patients who keep their appointments do so because they see a scheduled appointment as a commitment to be honoured.  In turn failing to notify the office of a cancellation affects patients who are suffering and in pain.

Keeping in mind that the goal of our Clinic is to serve the needs of all patients, especially those in acute pain, our practice policy is that patients wishing to change their commitment to scheduled appointments for the sake of their convenience must give the practice a minimum of 48 hours notice.  If less than 48 hours notice is given to cancel an appointment, there will be a change in the way our office books your appointments. Rather than reserving your appointment for routine care, our office will call you to book an appointment when there is a convenient time in our schedule. There is no charge for missed or cancelled appointments. Our office understands that dentistry is an investment, and it is our goal to help keep your costs as affordable as possible.

In the event a patient does not “show up” on a third occasion, the practice policy reserves the right is to ask the patient to find a different practice, at which point our administrative staff will be happy to transfer the records of that patient to a new office with a letter explaining why the transfer is being made.  Please note that there are exceptions made for sudden illness and tragedies.