Oral Sedation Treatment

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Oral sedation dentistry is a procedure where we provide a sedative medication to help you reduce your dental anxiety and relax during the treatment. It’s one of the methods of conscious dentistry together with nitrous oxide and IV sedation.

Taking this medication has a corresponding dose requirement coming from your London dentist. This would depend on the level of your distress which will be revealed after a careful dental anxiety assessment. For some patients, they might need to intake the medication a day before the actual dental procedure for it to take effect.


There are multiple advantages patients could get from oral sedation including the following:

Easy to take

Among the other sedation methods, this type is the easiest to administer. Patients only have to ingest a pill and then wait for its effects. Kids and teenagers prefer having sedation this way than other processes.

Doesn’t involve needles

Both you and your London dentist will have an easy time to keep you comfortable as there’s no need to stress out about preparing and injecting needles. Although IV sedation is an effective type of sedative, administering it might not alleviate any stress at all.

Keeps you conscious

Just like most relaxing medication, oral sedation will keep you conscious all throughout the procedure. Nevertheless, this type of relaxant might not allow you to remember some parts of your dental procedure. It’ll be a good thing if you’re having a bit invasive treatments.

If you need to be relaxed for an important dental procedure, just ask your London dentist to help you with sedation.  

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